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Stewardship contributions make it possible for Holy Trinity to be here, providing us with a place to join in worshiping God and sharing good Christian fellowship. Please take a few minutes to read the "Come And See" Stewardship Brochure - an excellent brochure on stewardship put together by the Archdiocese.

Holy Trinity uses the “Fair Share” system to support the ministry of our parish. In this system, each member pledges as he/she is able. Filling out a pledge form is very important in helping the church plan for the year. Besides monetary donations, there is a section on the form for donating your time and talents to Holy Trinity's ministry. Please print out the 2020 Pledge form and turn it in at the church (check the calendar for times when it is open), or mail it to the address below.

Pledge contributions and other donations can be made online via our Online Giving page. There, you can set it up for your contribution to be charged to your credit card or drawn from your bank account. You can make a one time contribution or streamline future contributions by setting it up as a recurring payment.

Mailing Address:
Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
P.O. Box 8534
Biloxi, MS 39535